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Freehold Common Forage Seed Buyers

Do you have seed to sell? Don’t have a full load? Mistol Seeds is providing farmers with another selling option.

Competitive pricing,

hassle-free service – let us know if we can help.  Our expertise centers on the following species:

  • Timothy

  • Alsike Cover

  • Clover

  • Red Clover

  • Sweet Clover

  • Alfalfa


Contract Multiplication Forage Seed

Looking to grow certified seed?  Don’t know where to start? Let Mistol Seeds help.  From contract arrangements, to seasonal support and advice, Mistol Seeds helps you navigate the process.  We are the experts so you don’t have to be.  Certified seed growing made easy!

Mistol Seeds is an expert in the field of securing growers for certified seed multiplication, with particular success in the area of Timothy contracts.


Custom Seed Blending

Need something special or out of the ordinary?  Not every field is the same.  Not every bag of seed has what you require. Mistol Seeds prides itself on providing expert blending experience. 

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