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Annual Blends

Annual Blends

Relay Blend 

50% Crusader Italian Ryegrass

20% Hairy Vetch

15% Hunter Leaf Turnip

15% Winfred/Goliath Forage Rape

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Break Crop Blend

50% Crusader Italian Ryegrass

25% Crimson Clover

25% Hairy Vetch


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Swath Grazing Blend

35% Goliath Forage Rape

35% Hunter Leaf Turnip

30% Green Globe Turnip

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Root Master Cover Crop

55% Daikon Radish

15% Barsica Forage Rape

15% T Raptor Hybrid Brassica

15% Barkant Turnip

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Green Feed Relay Blend

40% Crusader Italian Ryegrass

30% Hairy Vetch

30% Annual Ryegrass

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Dryland Blend

30% Proso White Millet

30% Sorghum Sudan Grass

15% Hairy Vetch

10% Barkant Turnip

10% Barsica Forage Rape

5% Perdovik Sunflower

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Ultimate Blend

30% Crusader Italian Ryegrass

30% Hairy Vetch

10% Crimson Clover

10% Winfred Leaf Turnip

10% Graza Forage Radish

10% Hunter Leaf Turnip

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All Brassica Blend

40% Graza Forage Radish

20% Winfred Forage Rape

20% Goliath Forage Rape

20% Hunter Leaf Turnip

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Pinpoint Blend

45% Green Spirit Italian Grass

20% Hybrid Sorghum Sudan

10% Berseem Clover

8% Barsica Forage Rape

7% T Rapter Hybrid Brassic

5% CW0604 Teff Grass

5% Laser Persian Clover

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Double Down 2 YR Blend

30% YB Sweet Clover

20% Crusader Italian Ryegrass

15% Goliath Forage Rape

15% Winfred Forage Rape

15% Hairy Vetch

5% Chicory

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Forage Brassicas

Forage Brassicas

Winfred Forage Rape  

Goliath Forage Rape 

Hunter Leaf Turnip 

Graza Forage Radish 

Barkant Turnip  

Choice Chicory 

Tonic Plantain  

T Rapter Hybrid Brassica  

Barsica Forage Rape  

Tillage Radish (Bare) 50lb bags

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Annual Legumes

Annual Legumes

Hairy Vetch  
Berseem Clover 
Crimson Clover  
Persian Clover  
Sub Clover  
YB Sweet Clover (biennial, inoculated, bard)  
Forage Spring Peas (bare)  
Forage Spring Peas Tote (bare)  2200 lbs  
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Cool Season Grasses

Cool Season Grasses

Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass  
Crusader Italian Ryegrass 
Low Boy Cover Crop Annual Ryegrass  (bare) 50 lb 
Common Annual Ryegrass (bare) 50 lb 
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Warm Season Grasses

Warm Season Grasses

Moxie Teff Grass 
Buckwheat (bare)  
Red Proso Millet (bare)
Hybrid Pearl Millet (bare) 50 lb 
Sunflowers (bare)  
BMR Sorghum X Sudan Grass (bare) 50 lb  
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Brasetto Hybrid Fall Rye  (25 units / minibulk) 
KWS Progas Hybrid Fall Rye  (25 units / minibulk)  
Forage Oats 
Oat / Spring Triticale Blend  
Luoama Winter Triticale 
Call for Pricing
Winfred Forage Rape  (2030)
Goliath Forage Rape  (2034)
Hunter Leaf Turnip  (2032)
Graza Forage Radish  (2044)
Barkant Turnip  (2046)
Choice Chicory  (2042)
Tonic Platain  (2048)
T Raptor Hybrid Brassica  (2055)
Barsica Forage Rape  (2057)
Tillage Radish (Bare) 50lb bags  (2059)
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